Shelled Hazelnuts


Delicious whole shelled hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Romana variety with an intense aroma and tasty flavour. Online sale in transparent packs of: 250g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg. Change the amount to see the relative price.

This product is gluten-free. All grown in Italy hazelnuts.

Our shelled hazelnuts are a fresh product of our land. The whole hazelnuts are contained in transparent packs designed to maintain intact the natural fragrance of the fruit. In the kitchen they can be used for making cakes, nougats, the crunchy and spread creams. Served with cheeses and salads make more original our dishes.

Hazelnuts have lots of beneficial properties, therefore they are excellent food for breakfast or a smart alternative to packaged snack products. At home they can also be toasted in a static oven at 200° for a couple of minutes or in a pan until they are lightly colored, once extracted hazelnuts should be dried with a cloth. The toasting enhances their flavor and makes them more digestible.

The vitamin E contained in hazelnuts is good for the prevention of certain types of cancer, such as the bladder one. The presence of manganese helps to protect our body from cancer. Manganese is indeed one of the antioxidant enzymes produced by our cells.

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