Hazelnut Paste


Soft smooth hazelnut paste with an intense aroma. Available to buy online in nice glass cans of 300gr or containers of 1kg, 5kg and 20kg, hermetically sealed to preserve the natural characteristics of the product.

Ingredients: 100% toasted hazelnuts of the variety Tonda Gentile Romana. Gluten-free and without any trace of palm oil. Made of fresh Italian hazelnuts.

Our hazelnut paste is a fresh product with an intense flavour. It comes as smooth soft paste/cream contained in glass jars hermetically closed, specially designed to maintain unaltered the natural fragrance of the fruit.

The hazelnuts are roasted at about 170° for 30-35 minutes, it is enough to eliminate the residual moisture and exalt the essential aromas. After the toasting the hazelnuts are ground until they become a homogeneous paste thanks to the oil contained in the same hazelnuts.

The hazelnut paste can be used for cooking as a base for sweets or as basic ingredient for chocolate and mousse. This product is commonly used at home and in pastry shops to prepare cakes and ice-cream.

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