Magnolia Composition GLUTEN FREE


The Magnolia Composition is a bundle of hazelnut based products which includes:

  • – 600gr of CLASSIC MIX of hazelnuts covered with white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate</ li>
  • – 250gr of roasted and peeled hazelnuts</ li>
  • – 250gr of roasted and salted hazelnuts</ li>
  • – 500g of organic dark chocolate cream GOLOSELLA</ li>


All products are made with hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Romana. Items are sold in individual sealed packets or glass cans. They are void of gluten, palm oil or hydrogenated fats. All our hazelnuts are grown in Italy.

Bundle of hazelnut products composed of:

CLASSIC MIX of our hazelnuts covered with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate to be enjoyed as a delicious dessert at the end of a meal or as a refined garnish for desserts.

The ROASTED AND PEELED HAZELNUTS are to be used to create or garnish any sweet, they are toasted at about 170° for 30-35 minutes. They are more digestible than raw ones and for this reason they are suitable for people with digestive difficulties.

ROASTED AND SALTED HAZELNUTS can be a delicious snack during the day or be enjoyed with aperitifs. In both cases success is assured.

FONDENTE GOLOSELLA (spread-cream with dark chocolate) is a soft and velvety organic spread cream that in the kitchen is used to decorate cakes, prepare delicious mousse and garnish tasty cookies. They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, at breakfast on a toast or spreaded on bread as a daily snack.

Weight 1,600 g


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