Orchid Composition GLUTEN FREE


OrchidĀ composition is a pack of hazelnut based products which includes:

  • 250 gr of hazelnut grains </ li>
  • 250 gr of hazelnut flour </ li>
  • 250 gr of toasted and peeled hazelnuts </ li>
  • 500 gr of organic GOLOSELLA cream with dark chiocolate</ li>
  • 500 gr of organic GOLOSELLA cream with milk chocolate </ li>


All products are made with hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Romana variety. They are on sale in our online shop in individual sealed packs. They are all gluten-free and palm-oil-free products, besides are devoid of hydrogenated fats. Only Italian hazelnuts grown in our farm.

Pack of hazelnut products which consists of:

HAZELNUT GRAIN, is a great ingredient to give that extra touch to many dishes. It is used to garnish or decorate cakes, or to flavour salads and main courses.

HAZELNUT FLOUR a product used mainly as a base for desserts in place of the traditional flour. Thanks to its beneficial properties and the fact that it does not contain gluten is widely used in vegan and celiac diets. It is also excellent for making fresh pasta.

TOASTED HAZELNUTS can be used to create or garnish any dessert. The hazelnuts are toasted at about 170Ā° for 30-35 minutes, the time necessary to eliminate the humidity and enhance the natural aromas of the fruit. Being roasted they are more digestible, therefore more suitable for people with digestive difficulties.

GOLOSELLA with milk chocolate and GOLOSELLA with dark chocolate are soft and very tasty biological spreads, excellent for garnishing desserts, biscuits and cakes or preparing mousses. They are so good that often end up being eaten by the spoonful.

Weight 1,750 g


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