Anemone Composition


The bundle of products Anemone includes:

  • 50 cl of hazelnut cream </ li>
  • 50 cl of hazelnut liqueur </ li>
  • 50 cl of hazelnut grappa (brandy) </ li>
  • 600 gr of hazelnuts covered with white chocolate and cinnamon, white chocolate and coffee, dark chocolate and sugared almonds </ li>


The hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Romana variety are the basis for all the products of this composition. Vacuum packages and hermetically closed cans preserve the quality of this group of hazelnut-based products. Gluten, palm oil and hydrogenated fats are excluded from the manufacturing process. All hazelnuts are Made in Italy.

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The bundle of hazelnut based delights “Anemone Composition” consists of:

TRIS SPECIAL, a mix of hazelnuts covered with white chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, dark chocolate and sugar to be enjoyed as a dessert at the end of a meal or as a sophisticated garnish for sweets.

HAZELNUT GRAPPA and HAZELNUT CREAM are liqueurs with an intense and refined flavor, ideal for flavoring sweets or to be served after a meal. with firm sweet taste.

HAZELNUT LIQUEUR with a firm sweet taste, can be added to cakes and coffee to make them special and to surprise your guests.

The HAZELNUT CREAM poured over the ice-cream with a sprinkle of hazelnut grains can become a refined dessert for every occasion.

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