Cowslip Composition


The Cowslip Composition is a pack of hazelnut based products which includes:

  • – 600 grams of hazelnuts covered with white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate
  • – 50 cl of hazelnut grappa
  • – 500 gr of white chocolates
  • – 500 gr of dark chocolates
  • – 500 gr of soft chocolate Bicolour with grain


All products are based on hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Romana. The products are sold in individual bags and in an elegant glass bottle. They do not contain gluten, palm oil or hydrogenated fats. Only hazelnuts made in Italy.

Primula is an assortment of hazelnut taste products made up with:

CLASSIC MIX formed by delicious hazelnuts covered with milk chocolate, dark and white. They can be enjoyed as a delicious dessert at the end of a meal or even as a refined decoration for desserts.

HAZELNUT GRAPPA has a strong and intense flavor, excellent at the end of the meal to aid digestion. Drunk in a cold winter afternoon or served in a hot summer evening is an ideal moment of taste. In the kitchen it can be used to enrich dessert recipes or to add extra flavour to a coffee. Served with a splash of cream and a sprinkle of hazelnuts is a delight for the palate. The

WHITE and DARK CHOCOLATES can accompany the tasting of a liqueur, be a delicious dessert or an energetic snack during the day.

CIOCCOLATO TENERO BICOLORE (bicolour tender chocolate) is a delicious mix of white and dark chocolate with hazelnut grains inside, with a delicate and decisive taste. It is contained in an elegant 500gr pack. It can be used as an original dessert at the end of a meal or enjoyed at any time of the day.

Weight 2,150 g


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