Hazelnuts (Dark Chocolate + Sugar)


Delicious hazelnuts covered with sugar and dark chocolate characterized by a refined aroma. On sale in elegant transparent packs of 100gr, 200gr, 500gr and 1kg.

Ingredients: toasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, sugar. They do not contain gluten. Only hazelnuts grown in Italy.

Hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate and sugar with an inviting aroma and a sweet and delicate flavour. The hazelnuts get toasted at about 170° for 30-35 minutes. It is needed to eliminate the residual moisture and enhance the inherent quality of the fruit. Later hazelnuts get covered with a layer of fine dark chocolate.

For sale in our shop in an elegant transparent paper, a distinguished gift at a modest price. The hazelnut chocolate bar can be proposed as an elegant dessert for dinner or used to decorate cakes. Along the day you can eat it as healthy alternative to packaged snacks. After a working day is a bewitching flavour reward.

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